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We are by far one of the best rug cleaning services providing agencies in West End. Our agency offers exceptional rug cleaning services all across the town. Rugs have been in use for a very long time. These were basically used to cover the furniture as a means of hiding dust and also because it enhances the look of the house. But these rugs also get dirty over time, this fact is ignored by most people.

So, get your dirty rugs cleaned with the help of our Rug Cleaning West End team. We are the one and only agency in West End that offers amazing rug cleaning services at reasonable prices. Our team of professional rug cleaners is highly qualified and they have great knowledge of dealing with dirty rugs. So, call us and get your service booked.

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    Onsite as well as offsite Rug Cleaning in West End

    We at Carpet Cleaning West End provide both onsite and offsite rug cleaning services. Sometimes, in your busy schedule, you would not get the time to bring your rugs to us. In such cases, we along with our local team of professional cleaners offer onsite rug cleaning services. Or if you are comfortable, you can bring your rugs to us at our site and get them cleaned. In any kind of service, we assure you that our quality won’t be compromised. We provide equally effective services for rug cleaning.

    What kind of services do we provide for rug cleaning

    We all know that there are various types and methods of rug cleaning. Rug cleaning includes a huge process that is only possible with the help of professionals. Rugs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, hence, their cleaning methods also vary. Depending on all these factors, we provide rug cleaning services. The services that we provide for rug cleaning involves:

    Rug Inspection

    We have a highly experienced team of rug cleaners. They start by inspecting your rugs thoroughly. This inspection provides a complete report of how dirty your rug is and what methods need to be used for cleaning. That is why we inspect your rugs properly before cleaning.

    Vacuuming the Rugs

    A vacuum cleaner helps a lot in cleaning the rugs. Apart from the daily cleaning that you do with your vacuum cleaner, we also provide vacuum cleaning. In this whatever soil that is stuck inside the fibres of the rug loosened up and is eventually removed. This way it will become easy to clean the rugs.

    Rug Sanitization

    Sanitization is also very helpful in the process of rug cleaning. Take advantage of our rug sanitization services as soon as possible. All the products that we use for rug sanitization are eco-friendly and safe. These products get rid of almost all types of germs and bacteria from your rugs.

    Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

    This is the most important as well as effective step in the process of rug cleaning. In this step, rugs are deep cleaned by using various methods of rug cleaning. We mostly use steam cleaning and hot water extraction. These methods help to get rid of almost 90% of the germs as well as the dust. Complete deep cleaning of the rugs can be done using these steps.

    Rug Drying

    Drying is the main element of rug cleaning. Although deep cleaning is done, if you do not dry your rugs properly then there can be several problems for you. First of all, rugs would start to smell bad and the growth of bacteria will also be seen. Second of all mould will start to grow on rugs due to the presence of moisture. Thus, it can be harmful if you leave your carpet without drying.

    Deodorization of The Rug

    As we have discussed, there can still be some kind of bacteria and germs on the rug after cleaning. This bacteria along with moisture makes the rug produce a weird smell. This smell becomes intolerable after some time. Also, the rug’s smell after cleaning is full of chemicals. So, get your rugs deodorized to avoid such smells.

    Some Different Types of Stains That We Clean from Rugs

    There are many kinds of stains that your rugs will face. Over time, these stains seep deeper into the rug fibres and cause permanent spots on the rugs. So, to avoid complete discolouration and damage to the rug, you must remove the stains as soon as possible. However, for doing so, you should have some knowledge about the different types of stains. Here we enlist some different types of stains that we clean:

    • Water stain
    • Ink stains
    • Pet stain (Urine or Vomit)
    • Wax stains
    • Gum stains
    • Chocolate stains
    • Wine stains
    • Grease stain
    • Coffee stains
    • Chewing gum stain
    Rug Cleaning West End

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