5 Ways To Maintain The Quality Of Your Carpet Last Longer

No matter what sort of carpet you are having in your home, you must focus on the cleaning part so that you can extend its life. Want to know how to keep your carpets clean and maintain their quality?  If yes, then here are five important ways following which you can maintain the quality of your carpet. Check them out in a detailed manner-

carpet stain removel
carpet stain removel
  1. Using vacuum cleaner once a week

One of the first ways that you should do on a regular basis is vacuum cleaning the carpets. It is already known that carpets can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Thus, you must get rid of them by doing proper vacuuming at least once a week. This step not only removes accumulated dirt but also maintains the quality of the carpet.

  1. Remove carpet stains on the spot

Stains on the carpets are very common. But you need to take care of it otherwise the stain will get permanently from your carpet. So, all that you need to do is to do spot cleaning of stains.  For this, use a mild cleaning solution and a paper napkin. First of all, you need to absorb the excess spills from the carpet and then apply a cleaning solution to it.  Make sure to rub it gently using another dry paper towel. This helps to clean carpet & remove tough carpet stains to a great extent.

  1. Keep carpets in sunlight

Another way that helps to maintain the quality and color of the carpet is to ensure proper exposure to the sun on the carpet. Exposure to sunlight is good for removing all sorts of dust, stains, allergens, and other dust particles. It is also good for removing the foul odor from the carpets that your carpet gets because of pet danders and dirt particles.

  1. Don’t use harsh chemicals

If you want to maintain the quality of your carpet then make sure you are not using any harsh chemicals for its cleaning. Many times it has been seen that homeowners use harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions for stain removal. But these cleaning solutions will only impact the color and texture of your carpet. Whenever you are choosing a cleaning solution for a carpet, make sure that it is free from chemicals and that you’ve read all the contents and instructions to clean it before buying it.

  1. Keeping rotating the furniture

Any table, chair, or recliner on the carpet can cause depression on the surface. This degrades the quality of the carpets. Thus, all that you need to do is to keep rotating the furniture to ensure that your carpet is fine. 


Carpets are the perfect flooring options that elevate the overall interior and look of your home. When it comes to buying an expensive and delicate carpet, you need to be a bit careful about it. The above mentioned tips will help you maintain the quality of the carpet. You can also hire the best carpet cleaning company to maintain the quality of the carpet.